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Thrizyl K. Nandoo

Portfolio Secretary
First Run 2014

Who or what infliunced you to run?

Long story short, the year was 2014, I was a new mother of two (2) young kids, struggling to manage my home and work life.  I kept getting sick so I saw my Dr who recommended I take one (1) hour each day to do something for myself.  Right there an then I decided she was crazy and I was never going to see her again.  Her advice stuck with me though and like any sensible person struggling with their current load I added one more thing to my routine.  I decided I was going to start walking the Savannah three (3) times a week.  I was consistent for a few months and occasionally Learie would catch up with me to give me pointers on how to improve.  I met Joy by the Jerningham Avenue lights one night and she also mentioned she was a member of the club and I should stop by so I did exactly that.  The rest is history…
Favourite Distance Not sure I have a favourite distance yet. The 5k is mad crazy where you just burst out after the horn and run like the police coming after you whereas the half marathon you have to keep pumping even when your legs feel like lead after 9 miles.  Maybe in another year of so I will have a favourite distance.
Favourite Workout The long run is my favourite workout as once I settle into a pace with the right fuel and conditions, I can go for miles and miles.
Favourite Race UWI 2015 was my first Half Marathon.  It will always have a special place in my heart as I started the year walking the Savannah and by October I was able to do the half marathon in 2:04:52
Joined TTRRC 2014
TTRRC Benefits

What do you enjoy about being a member of TTRRC?

I enjoy the camaraderie and mentoring I receive as a member of the TTRRC.  Left on my own, I would probably still be doing 2 savannahs and stopping.  Now I am encouraged to show up a 5AM to run with the group. Additionally, as a member of the executive, I have been exposed to race management so I have an inside view of what it takes to pull off a successful race. The t-shirts, easy race registration and limes by the bench are an added bonus.
Running Goals 2015 - I’d like to run my next half marathon at 1:58:00
2017 - tackle my first marathon
Thrizyl K. Nandoo TTRRC Secretary
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