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Club Membership Registration

Membership Fees

Our fees are TT$200.00 per calendar year or part there of and are due by January 31st of each year.  We also encourage members to renew National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago (NAAATT) membership of TT$45.00 at the same time. NAAATT membership entitles you to representation by the organisation if accidents occur during NAAATT sanctioned events. In addition members have access to seminars and other sporting events.

Policy For Financial Members/Readmittence To Club

  1. Club fees of TT$200.00 will become due on January 31 of every calendar year.

  2. An extension may be given only by authorised members

  3. Once the final date is announced, a charge of $10 or part there of will be added each month late

  4. Existing members who wish to pay for the current year but have not paid for any period of time between joining the club and the current year will be required to pay 50% of the back fees as well as the full cost of the current year.

  5. Members who reside abroad will be given special consideration.

  6. A new  member must have joined the club and been a financial member for at least three months prior to the announcement of the AGM in order to be eligible to vote

  7. Fees will be accepted at the AGM but those members will not be eligible to vote

Join Us

  • Either contact us in person at the "bench" on the Savannah opposite Queens Royal College, Monday to Thursday, 5.00 pm

  • Or see "Contact" page for details for email, phone and mailing address

Membership is approved by the executive every monthly meeting.

TTRRC Christmas Day Breakfast Run 2004 - 2005
Join Us! … for a run

TTRRC Brasso Seco Hike 2006
Join Us! … for a hike

TTRRC Independence Day Breakfast Run 2005
And if you can't beat us 𠉠



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