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Brief History of TT Road Runners

The Trinidad and Tobago Road Runners Club was founded by Anthony Salloum in 1984 and a handful of avid runners. It found its niche in the running boom that was spreading around the globe including Trinidad. It has grown from strength to strength and is the premium running club in the country and throughout the Caribbean as well.

It is no idle boast to say that Road Runners Club has been in the foreground with innovations that are now essential in top class road racing. The club has a large membership which continues to grow.

The Club provides not only for its club members but also organizes races for Corporate Sponsors, Community Groups, Schools and assists with the staging of sports days and social events social events.

Our Members

Our membership is drawn from all levels of running aptitude - from joggers and keep fitters to regular marathon competitors and former track athletes.

Our Clients

Our clients who sponsor races managed by us include Scotiabank, Unit Trust Corporation, Ministry of Sport, Flora, First Citizens Bank, Island Sports and Fitness, ANSA McAL, Nestle, Triathlon Association, BP Amoco, Canadian High Commission.

The Club of 1994

The Club of 1994

The Club of 1994

Pre Marathon Breakfast Run



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