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Club Guide

Who Should Join TTRRC

The club caters for men and women of varying levels. Most of our runners are at the intermediate and advanced levels with a few actually falling between beginner and intermediate.

All of our runners compete in races from 5K to marathons and you would be encouraged to do so once you join. We guarantee that even if you start off for fun, you will be bitten by the running bug and will be converted to a competitive runner shortly thereafter.

We do encourage interested persons to join us for runs before making the decision and financial commitment to become a member.

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Adherence to the guidelines by members is encouraged:

  1. You are encouraged to volunteer for some race events for which the club has been hired to provide management services

  2. You are invited to participate in Club social events

  3. For all events in which a Club Team (or Teams) is entered, members are encouraged to register as part of the TTRRC team, not an independent or part of another team, and to wear Club uniforms

  4. Members have sole responsibility for ensuring that they are medically fit to participate in training or racing

  5. Members shall display good sportsmanship at all events and respect their fellow athletes and officials of the event organisers

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