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Ultra Run for Charity

At 8:00 p.m Saturday July 30th, 2011, Ricaldo Gomes will be starting his third (3rd ) ultra run for charity.

Four years ago, Ricaldo, a past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Road Runners Club (TTRRC) and a veteron long distance runner , planned a major 51st birthday celebration, not with cake and ice cream but with a true test of his endurance and mental strength; by attempting to run 51 miles, almost twice the distance of a marathon.  Needless to say, he was able to complete the task, surrounded by friends, family and TTRRC faithful.  At the end, he had cemented in his mind what he probably already knew – that he is the defination of a true endurance athlete, a person who must possess the requisite mental strength to complete a task such running 51 miles non-stop.

Just like in 2007 and 2008, not only will Ricaldo be challenging his body for the fun of it but also will be  raising money for organisations that support the most vulnerable in our society, including women, children and the homeless.  Many corporate citizens have come forward in the past to donate to this worthy cause and he is hoping that this year will be no different.  The recipients of this latest drive will be Angels on Earth Foundation – A Home for sexually and physically abused girls, Chaguanas and The Wesleyan Children Home – St. Mary’s Village. 

As Caldo ( as he is affectionately called) prepares for his latest challenge we sincerely hope that while he digs deep to complete this run, that organisations, friends and supporters dig deep also and donate whatever they can to help those in need.  Good going Caldo!!!

Details of the charity run

  • Gold - $5,000.00
  • Silver - $2,500.00

Your pledge can be given to one of the organizations or divided between the two.  

A special “Hand-over Ceremony” will be held, at which representatives from both organizations, corporate sponsors, as well as the media.

Route: (expected to eleven (11) hours)
  • Start at QRC roundabout at 8.00 p.m. Saturday 30th July, 2011
  • Along the Western Main Road to The Cove
  • Back along the Western Main Road, into Wrightson Road to South Quay
  • South Quay onto the Eastern Main Road to Arima
  • Turn in Arima and back along the Eastern Main Road to Sotuh Quay
  • South Quay to Wrightson Road
  • Wrightson Road into Colville Street and into Cipriani Boulevard and onto the Savannah ending at QRC.


  • Ricaldo Gomes - 623-2201 Ext. 2152 or 735-5071
  • Dennis Ramdeen - 329-2777

Express Supposin'photo by Kenrick Bobb

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