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"Meet the Runners"

A series of interviews with club members by Debra Agong
Dennise DemmingDennise Demming

"Road running plays second fiddle to track but those in authority as well as members of the running fraternity need to do their part to raise the profile of the sport." See Profile and Interview …

Suzan GarciaSuzan Garcia

"I love the togetherness that the members [of the club] share. Anytime I'm around, I see people having fun, they are happy and there is lots of laughter. We give each other a lot of encouragement and advice too." See Profile and Interview …

Susan SpicerSusan Spicer

"TTRRC is a bunch of good guys and gals who hang out, support and encourage each other and anyone else who wants to run and have fun". See Profile and Interview …

Wendy ShallowWendy Shallow

"... recently was inspired by fellow TTRRC members to run three races in three days, completing a 1mile, 10K and marathon on consecutive days during the Run Barbados event in December 2009." - "... is the same pressure which is why the prize structure should always be the same for men and women." See Profile and Interview …

John Lum YounJohn Lum Young

"What are your future goals in the sport?" John replied "Lots and lots of goals but there are two immediate ones: (1) To run 3 marathons in 8 days (John accomplished that this year completing Panama City Marathon, Michigan Marathon and the Endurrun Marathon in Canada) and (2) To do a PR at age 50. See Profile and Interview …

Ruth MetivierRuth Metivier

"You have to love to run.  Let those happy feet take you to places you never thought you would go.  Start slowly, don’t get discouraged and look back from where you have come to where you are now. [ ... and women ... ] You look damn good!". See Profile and Interview …

Learie LezamaLearie Lezama

"However, some people never learn and they continue that throughout their careers. I put that down to indiscipline. Also, running without a plan. By that I mean coming everyday and doing whatever someone else does or anything you feel to do. Training for success requires proper planning. If you’re not sure what to do, ask somebody." See Profile and Interview …

Debra Agong
Debra Agong




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